TeVido Extends Breast Tissue Bioprinting Research into Nipple Grafts

Last year, Rachel introduced us to a firm called TeVido BioDevices, which, at the time, was beginning research into 3D printing breast tissue for those who had undergone mastectomies, as a result of breast cancer. At the time, TeVido’s initial focus was to be on filling voids left by removed tumors, but, since then, the Texas-based company has narrowed their focus a bit more, taking baby steps, rather than giant leaps, to begin the bioprinting process. First, the company is working on replacing a smaller tissue sample for breast cancer survivors, the nipple.
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Tevido, based in Texas, is making progress with 3D-printing human tissue cells into the realistic shapes of nipples for breast cancer (mastectomy operation) patients, using the real tissue of the person who needs it, reportedly lowering the chances of rejection by the body, and using technology to give a more personal approach to the reconstruction process.
We took a quick opportunity to speak with Laura Bosworth of Tevido at the SxSW V2V innovation conference in Las Vegas and found out Tevido truly has patients' interests at heart.
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