Advanced Solutions Life Sciences TSIM and BioAssemblyBot Demonstration

Tissue Structure Information Modeling (TSIM) is an intuitive software tool that empowers doctors and scientists to design, visualize, collaborate, simulate and analyze 3D computer models of complex tissue structures.
BioAssemblyBot is an integrated tabletop workstation with a multi-axis robot that facilitates 3D tissue assembly of organic shapes.
Beginning with TSIM Software, users construct biological models that can then be fabricated utilizing the BioAssemblyBot. Next, the BioAssemblyBot will automatically calibrate the position of the arm using laser sensors. The robot arm then moves to the storage rack, selects the proper syringe from the storage rack based on the assigned material from the TSIM Software, and dispenses the exact amount of material in order to construct the biological model.
(Quelle: Youtube / ASI Life Sciences)