Will RoosterBio and 3-D BioPrinting Change Modern Medicine?

Jon Rowley, founder of RoosterBio, enables the next generation of medicine with mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) for Regenerative Medicine and 3-D Bioprinting.

RoosterBio’s innovative stem cell products changes the landscape for biomedical research scientists from one of scarcity to abundance with an unlimited field of opportunities to help the human body with an injury or disease be restored to health.

Tissue engineering is an obvious area for development. Current RoosterBio clients are developing cartilage, bone tissue and even, engineering “cell sheets” into solid cords, creating tendons for transplantation into animal models. Another area for development is biofabrication injection molding, creating, for example, replacement disks for the spine. Even soluble factors that MSCs secrete into their culture medium has caught the fascination of a pharmaceutical research labs (as new drugs) and cosmeceutical developers (for facial creams). Now, with the ability to rapidly produce billions of high quality stem cells at the same time (or as manufacture would say “within the same lot”) along with the potential targeting of these cells directly to areas of injury or disease, the possibilities for research and applications are the next frontier in medicine.
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